Concentrated on Quality

Our bricks are amongst the most resistant and follow an original, elegant design. We have gained a longstanding reputation with our customers as well as engineers and architects.

Daily quality control checks are conducted via an expert supervisory control team in our highly equipped quality control labs.
We also partner with the Iran Institute of Standard and Industrial Research and the Construction Research Center in order to periodically check our products at their certified labs.

The production of our bricks is based upon precise measurements and uniformity, with no traces of concavity or convexity. Once completed, structures which use our bricks showcase the elegance in our design and uniformity. We ensure product quality via a tunnel kiln capable of 1000-degree temperatures while our high-pressure resistance technology (operating at 350kg/cm2) enhances durability and reduces any waste due to unnecessary transportation. The water porosity of our bricks (13/8%) also ensures their combination quality with grout, leading to highly durable buildings. The quantity of dissolved materials in our bricks arm them with greater resistance levels against hazardous chemical substances.

Given these specifications and our high-quality approach to production, Techno Ajor bricks can be used all over the world, particularly in colder regions. As a result of our efforts to ensure the best quality and production standards, Techno Ajor was the first to receive the Standard Badge for brick veneer in Iran.