Building Schools

Developing and improving our country‘s cultural and educational patrimony through local initiatives and investments have been among the main principles of TAMC‘s management. To this extent, we have established and donated several schools in different cities of Iran.

Ahmad Ghabaian School – Kermanshah Province
Ahmad Ghabaian elementary and middle school for girls with 23 classes was established in 2012.

Karim Ghabaian School – Mahidasht, Kermanshah Province
Karim Ghabaian middle school for girls with 4 classes was established in 1994.

Anahita Ghabaian School – Kermanshah Province
Anahita Ghabaian pre- and elementary school for girls with 9 classes was established in 1996.

Atousa Ghabaian School – Kermanshah Province
Atousa Ghabaian elementary school for boys with 7 classes was established in 2004.

Bita Ghabaian School – Foroon Abad, Kermanshah Province
Bita Ghabaian middle school for girls with 14 classes was established in 2005.