Preserving our natural environment is a global concern. As such, at Techno Ajor we are committed to using the most sustainable practices in the industry. We focus on creating high-quality products using the least amount of energy consumption and residual waste. In addition, our durable products enhance the sustainability of the structures they are used in, preventing the excessive waste of structural energy and unnecessary repairs. Differing from many artificial materials, bricks can be produced and used as a environmentally friendly construction material. Brick buildings can become an integrated part of their surrounding nature. Over time, their magnificent color and structure can add form and design to these natural surroundings. In order to ensure long-term sustainability, we constantly update our machinery and production techniques with the goal of reducing any potential environmental hazards. We focus on using tunnel kilns which increase the speed and quality of our production lines while decreasing any unnecessary energy consumption. We also reuse our water supplies via a water reservoir.

At Techno Ajor, we view these efforts as key components to our dual goals of protecting the environment and producing sustainable products.

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