The origin of brick buildings in Iran can be traced back to 1250 BC. In later periods, bricks evolved and the baking of glazed and embossed bricks became common. Brick has been used as the main element in buildings such as Choghazanbil Ziggurat in Khuzestan, Kasra Arch in Ctesiphon and Firoozabad Palace Arch in Fars. These buildings are among the pre-Islamic brick buildings in Iran, which – technically and artistically – are very significant.


Bricks dating back to 7000 years ago were first found in the Middle East. The first sun-dried bricks were made in Mesopotamia. In ancient times, a large amount of mud was deposited on the surface of the earth along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers after their eruption. These sediments had a special adhesion between them. After their water evaporated due to sunlight, cracks formed on their surface. The separated pieces, despite their irregularity, were used for building walls.

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