About Techno Ajor

Techno Ajor manufacturing company (Techno Ajor ), established in 1974, produces the highest quality variety of brick veneers, ribs and blocks. Enjoying the latest facility achievements in brick production, such as terra preparation storage, automatic machinery, tunnel kilns and quality control labs, Techno Ajor is an industry leading mass producer of bricks.
In 2002 and 2003, via the addition of new production lines, Techno Ajor raised productivity to 200 million bricks per year, a giant step taken towards updating and diversifying our product line.




At Techno Ajor , we only use the highest quality machines from acclaimed brands such as Handle and Keller. Our machines are assembled, launched and repaired -when needed- by the expert technicians of these companies. By taking advantage of the latest technology and industry experts, we have continually guaranteed that only the highest quality products are made at Techno Ajor .









Nowadays, the issue of sustainability is one the main concerns of the world. To address this issue in their own field, Techno Ajor Co. – through continually updating their technology-has always tried to produce high quality products with high durability and minimum energy consumption.







Besides supplying high quality products, at Techno Ajor we are consistently focused on providing our customers with the best service. As a result, the Taban Gohar Distribution and Transportation Company was established to ensure that the safest and most efficient transportation systems would be used for all our costumers needs.







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